We produce locally sourced kiln dried firewood logs and deliver across Manchester and surrounding areas. Click below to view our products and arrange a delivery or scroll down to read more about our wood.

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Manchester Firewood Supplies

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Why choose us?

Well for starters, we only offer premium grade wood as recommended by the wood burning stove manufacturers.

Frequently Asked By You

  • Bag size?
    The bags we use are a standard size which is simply called a '10kg bag'. When filled it stands at approximately 50cm tall by 30cm wide.

  • Bag weight?
    Weight varies significantly depending on the type of wood in a given bag. For example, a bag filled with Oak would weigh 15kg and Sycamore 8kg. As such, it is not possible to use weight as a quantifier.
  • How many bags per meter cube?
    There are 30 bags in a meter cube. Therefore, choosing to have this amount delivered loose, rather than in bags, will give you a saving of £60.

  • How does the m3 arrive and how is it delivered?
    To save you paying bagging costs and to limit the carbon impact, each cube is delivered loose and is tipped outside your house or on your drive for you to stack yourself.